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No Mutation or poll update today but plenty going on.

First up the new featured campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 is Darth Brush’s Dead Before Dawn Too. Download the campaign here and jump in! If it is your first time installing an addon, here are the instructions. Congratulations to the team that has put this together as they have been nominated to the Moddb top 100 mods of 2010.

We would like to congratulate the I hate mountains team for also being nominated this year for their Left 4 Dead 1 mod. Speaking of Left 4 Dead 1, have you played Luke’s Apocalypse mod? It’s not for the timid but if you are up for a challenge – give it a try. It is a server side mod so nothing to download just visit the Steam group to find a server.

Have you checked out our Facebook pages for Left 4 Dead 2 recently? They are worth visiting for the image galleries alone. There are mashups with Plants vs Zombies, The Christmas Witch meets The Red Engineer, some hunter hunting, and one prepared Survivor.

Are you following us on Twitter? Yeah, we know… tweeting? But come on… it’s where we got sent the Dead Reckoning Trailer. If you have a cool in-game shot, art, cosplay/costume, movie clip whatever – make sure to post it up on the Facebook pages, Steam forums or even on Twitter by doing whatever it is called when you message us.

Cevo is having a Left 4 Dead 1 Throwback Tournament – with $1500 in prize pool. Sign up by this Tuesday so you can win big and finally afford that Christmas gift you always wanted to get mom. Please! Make sure to let me know when you are having a tournament so we can post it here.

Gib Fest and…, You are Glowing, Do you compete?

Gib Fest
M60s and buckets of blood.

For our coop mutation this week we return to everyone’s favorite Gib Fest. Simple, go play.

Realism Versus
We are also “featuring” Realism Versus. This week we added quicker spawns for the infected. If you haven’t played recently, you are missing out on one of the most intense Left 4 Dead 2 competitive experiences. It is like regular Versus but no health kits in the world, no glows on fellow survivors, harder to kill commons and now faster Special Infected spawns (coming soon to the 360).

Give it a try this week, it’s what all the cool kids will be playing.

You are glowing
You liked the idea of changing the Survivor’s glow. The breakdown was roughly 50% for, 30% against, 20% no opinion but I just like to vote. So this week we are changing the glow and also incorporating a suggestion from the forums. The glow color will now correspond to the run speed of the Survivors. This should help tanks know who they can catch.

While we were at it, we added a glow to the Witch for the Infected team.

Sometimes poll results can be incorporated quickly into the game, sometimes they take a bit longer – just a warning for past and future polls. Just because we don’t make a change that week doesn’t mean the results are being ignored. XBOX 360 users will see these changes in future title update.

Do you compete?
Have you ever played in an L4D1 or L4D2 tournament? Let us know in this week’s in-game poll.

Taannkk!, The Breakdown, Feature?

Everything is coming up Taannkk!!

Scared to play Versus? Think there is too much strategy? Don’t want to embarrass yourself? Give Taannkk!! a try. We simplify everything. What does everyone spawn as? Tanks. What is trying to kill you? Tanks. Why should you keep running? Tanks. You’re welcome.

The Breakdown.
Taannkk! won easily and here is how the rest of the field faired by platform.

XBOX 360
51% Taannkk!!
17% Hunting Party
16% Healing Gnome
10% Lone Gunman
6% Bleedout Versus

47% Taannkk!!
17% Healing Gnome
16% Hunting Party
12% Lone Gunman
8% Bleedout Versus

You are playing Versus, you see a Survivor in red, you pounce on them! You tear them up for 10 seconds and when you get knocked off they get right up. Seems they had temporary health you didn’t “see”.

So we propose that the Player’s outline should match their current health not their permanent health. So if they have 20 health and take pills we show their glow as green not red. As their health counts down the green would turn to orange then red.

The problem here is if everyone was green, you wouldn’t clearly see who had temporary health or permanent health – most people would rather be eating through someone’s permanent health in this case.

You can always check the scoreboard but this is just for the quick identification you do based on the infected glow. So that leads us to the poll question. Would you rather the glow color reflect permanent health only or reflect permanent and temporary health? Let us know.

Healing Gnome, Halloween?, Pick the Mutation

Healing Gnome
There is only one way to heal, holding the Gnome!

This Coop game is all about the Gnome and his magical healing properties. There is only one way to heal and that is by holding the Gnome. Better share him with your teammates!

If you haven’t checked out the Halloween Costumes on our Facebook pages, what are you waiting for? Hunters, Zoeys, Bills, and even Rochelles are all there to TERRIFY YOU!!! For the poll, the Hunter handily won followed by the Tank. PC players then chose Bill and 360 players chose Ellis.

From a quick headcount in the real world, I think the order was Hunter, Ellis, Zoey, and then Bill. The Tank seemed to be too much for most people’s costume making abilities.

Pick the Mutation.
Pick Next week’s Mutation:
1)Bleedout Versus
2)Healing Gnome
3)Hunting Party
4)Lone Gunman

Bleed Out Versus, You Rock, Halloween?

Bleed Out Versus
Now you have a good excuse for rushing through Versus.

There is no permanent Survivor health, it is all temporary and it is ticking down. Even if you don’t normally play Versus, this is a great mutation to try. The action is frantic and fast as team wipes are always just a few seconds away.

You Rock!
It didn’t matter on the platform, 38% of you have rocked out with the Midnight Riders in Rock Band. We need to get cracking on converting the rest of the Riders’ catalog.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?
Of course you are, the real question is – are you dressing up as someone from the Left 4 Dead universe? If you do dress up, make sure to post your picture on our Facebook pages. This week’s poll asks who you would dress up as – make sure to vote using the in-game poll.

Still not sure who you want to be, what about just being part of the crowd? If you are going to go as a common infected make sure to check out this tutorial on getting your infected makeup right.

Don’t forget, if you are in Seattle this weekend, the first annual ZomBcon will be in full swing. Look for us Sunday, we’ll be the ones carrying shwag and concept art to hand out at our 12 noon panel.

Next week: Healing Gnome

Lone Gunman, Did you Win, Do you rock?

Lone Gunman
You and your Magnum against the deadly horde and Boomers.
So you have your Magnum pistol and… well you do have your Magnum pistol. You better be counting bullets because four swipes by a common and you are dead. Getting boomed? Forget about it.

Did you win?
Last week we asked – Do you consider that you won the Campaign when you sacrifice yourself to restart the generator or did you just sacrifice yourself so your team won? Is it individual or team glory?

68% of you consider it a team victory and 32% of you believe you lost. For the 32% that either means you never go yourself or you really are a team player. This is one of those questions where we assumed the answer would have been closer to 95% of the people choosing you won. So if you have time, explain your votes in the forums or on our Facebook pages.

Do you rock?
With two Midnight Riders songs on Rock Band, have you ever played any of the Midnight Rider songs?

Next week: Bleed Out Versus

Cold Stream

Sorry for the recent lack of updates, we have been working on a surprise and here it is.

Matthew Lourdelet (2 Evil Eyes) has been working on a new community campaign – Cold Stream. We loved 2 Evil Eyes and Cold Stream looks even more promising with innovative game play arenas and effects. Matthew has really shown that there are still plenty of new ideas in L4D2 modding.

He recently shared it with us and we love it so far but it isn’t done. We were tempted to have him quietly finish it with our help and release it as part of an upcoming DLC.

Tempted… but we decided against that. Instead, we think we have a better idea. We want you the community to be part of the process of taking his unfinished campaign and releasing it as DLC on the Xbox 360, PC and Mac.

Since Matthew already has a start on the campaign, we need to back up a little in the process before we go forward.

The very first step in creating a new DLC is deciding on the larger goals and constraints for the DLC. The Sacrifice and the Passing were story heavy, so we want to see what the other end of the spectrum looks like. For this DLC we start with wanting to experiment by releasing a map pack that wasn’t about story. It would just be new campaigns for Left 4 Dead 2.

Death’s Door, Kick the Vote, Favorite NPC

Death’s Door
This Co-op Mutation from Rayman1103 features death, death at a moment’s notice. No sitting around waiting to die. No wondering if your friends will save you. Nothing. You go down, you’re dead. So stick close to your friends and make sure to watch out for friendly fire.

Kick The Vote
For last poll we asked, if you vote kick why do you vote kick? Clearly getting rid of Team killers is a top priority. Here are your answers in order of votes. Team killer 28%, Poor skills 19%, Annoying 15%, Rude or Crude 11%, I don’t vote kick 11%, Waiting for a friend 9%, To grief other players 4%, Unknown player 3%

Favorite NPC?
In all the L4D world, who is your favorite NPC?

No Mercy – Chopper Pilot
Death Toll – Church Guy
Death Toll – John Slater (boat guy)
Dead Center – Whitaker
Swamp Fever – Virgil
No Opinion

Nightmare, Encore?, Vote Kicking

You’ll never see them coming

This Survival Mutation was inspired by Karma Jockey. There are commons, plenty of beefed up Specials, no glows, and lots and lots of fog. If you like to be scared by things that jump out at you from the night, this one is for you.

This week’s new Mutation should make it clear how people voted in the previous poll. 46% of the votes were for a new community Mutation this week. 29% voted for an Encore Mutation. 24% of the voters were undecided, confused, or both. We will still occasionally have an Encore Mutation, but this week – a new Mutation.

Vote Kicking
Do you vote kick? Why do you vote kick? If you do vote kick, pick the most common reason when answering this week’s in-game poll.

Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 Update

Last night a few updates were applied to the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead.

Foremost is the ability to recover achievement progress that was lost after The Sacrifice release. Recovered progress will be added to any new progress made since the release. In a few cases it may not be possible to recover the data for every achievement, but the majority of players should see their progress restored.

The update also includes the following:

• In Versus mode Tanks will spawn in stasis until a human player takes over. Tanks in stasis are invisible and invulnerable, and won’t move or attack.
• Tank speed is no longer reduced when on fire.
• Allow players on the Infected team to manually spawn during finales.
• Added a vote option to toggle All-Talk.
• Special Infected that causes a Survivor to stumble into a “ledge hang” situation will receive 50 points.
• Bullets that first pass through an infected character before striking a Survivor are now ignored as friendly fire.
• In Versus mode car alarms will now trigger anytime a Special Infected pulls or stumbles a Survivor into an alarm car.
• Survivor Bots no longer try to melee exploding barrels out of their way.
• Fixed the Sacrifizzle achievement.

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